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All members of the team - welcome. We can use this board as a team chat and a safe haven, nobody will bother us here. The global rules are quite simple - no illegal stuff and no porn, the rest is up to us.

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668x375, 108 Кб
668x375, 102 Кб
668x375, 103 Кб
668x375, 92 Кб
668x375, 86 Кб
668x375, 109 Кб
668x375, 90 Кб
668x375, 100 Кб
668x375, 111 Кб

You can attach up to 10 files to the post, max size is 50 mb.

Supported formats: jpg, png, gif, webm, mp4, txt, zip, rar, mp3, torrent

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It's great that this board allows so many different attachments, especially zip and rar, so we can share PGNs!

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О, прикольно. А кто вас может побеспокоить? и откуда вы к нам?