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In this thread we collect everything, how to collect and monitor sources.

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instagram live-streams

most instagram streams arent saved, so you have to record them during they are streamed.

on github I found a real good tool:

The documentation is very well explained. Just read it!

and all you need is:

-a linux

-an instagram account

if you have installed all correct, you just need to type

>pyinstalive -d aliona_officialnew

and the stream will be recorded WITH comments.

remember: if you come 10 minutes too late the script wont record the missed 10 minutes!

Just yesterday I figured out, you can also use it for saved streams. The comments will be also recorded.

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instagram ripper

For ripping an ig-account I use this little asshole:

It ripps the whole account (posts, stories), recognizes if the username is changed, etc.

After installing it you just type in

>instaloader --login YOUR-USERNAME-BLYAD --fast-update --stories --tagged --highlights aliona_officialnew

for debian 10:

>~/.local/bin/instaloader --login YOUR-USERNAME-BLYAD --fast-update --stories --tagged --highlights aliona_officialnew

and it ripps EVERYTHING!


I downloaded an account over 2 GB and in that situation instagram may block the downloading for few minutes!

interesting is the --tagged flag!

It downloads pictures of people who tagged the account. Usefull during competitions, when fans taking photos of a skater.

But mostly it is just crap and reposts.

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RSS is usefull to be always up to date. Specially for youtube and twitter, because those plattforms are really unclear ... shit.

I recomend

or, if you have a server or a little RaspberryPi at home

I uploaded my RSS feeds as zip ... hope this platform werks with zip-files.

Just import the opml-file in RSSowl or ttrss, and you will be always updated.

If you wanna add something, blogs are recognized automaticly.

for youtube use:

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As posted in the thread before, some sources of photographers.

Use this thread to add more.

Unfortunately, the most of them are not compatible with RSS, so you have to check em time-to-time if they posted something new.

[vera valen]

[tonello abozzi]


[rumi hirakiuchi]


[natasha ponarina]




[Ilja Slepzow]





[Irene Villalón Photography]

[Maria Kateshova]


David W. Carmichael - Figure Skating Photography - Photos



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usefull ...

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8.1 Мб, Free Video to GIF

Free Video to GIF Converter

converts frames from a video to gif.

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I added all the vide-codecs. You can open with this little fucker also mp4-files!

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There are only needed these two:

a) jdownloader

downloads nearly everything.

For Youtube it also downloads the subs.

interesting for me, since it also downloads the subs, so I can translate the subs into English

Also the alpha and omega for ripping pictures.

if you wanna download Ilya's photos from VK (account needed since protected),

you can add into this tool also your account id + pass and Ilya's albums are all downloaded


obligatory for nearly every video plattform

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[b][video editing]


sony vegas best video editing tool ever.

I upload it in parts ....

remove the ".zip" ending from the last 3 files, so you get these in your folder:




extract & enjoy!

I use it over years and no virus seen so far.

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Sometimes you need a VPN.

For watching streams you can use the Opera-Browser.

I used Opera-Browser watching the EC, since the youtube stream was blocked here.

It werks pretty well.

But for downloading you have sometimes go a bit more far.

For Windows I use for years this vpngate-client.

It is made of a Japanese University and completly free.

Of course it sucks pretty often, but it is free.

remember, I uploaded version vpngate-client-2019.08.01

google for a new update "vpngate-client"

during installation be sure to UNCHECK the butten, where you asked that your IP can be used!

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Converts a shitfull of pictures to whatever you want.


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1.6 Мб, Mosaic.Creator.v2.95.WinAll.Cracked-EiTheL.ZIP
3.7 Мб, Mosaic Creator Pro 3.1.Build 348 [Multi Eng]

[Mosaic Creator]

Yesterday I saw a Kastro-mosaic.

Well, here you go!

Collect a shitfull pix and make your own mosaic!

Try out which wersion you need ... I used the 2.95 one few years ago.

can also make txt-images with this.

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powerfull tool to rename huge ammounts of files.

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250 не знаю, 50 - вполне. Я запускаю его раз в сутки по расписанию, он скачивает новый контент.

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Увидел, может. Вопрос, как он это делает и что делает при бане.

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Самые незаменимые вещи - это ffmpeg, youtube-dl и python (и миллион либ к нему - MechanicalSoup и BeautifulSoup для скрейпинга, Pillow и OpenCV для обработки изображений).

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Ну с 50 у тебя ещё проблем нет, наверное.

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Это все под линукс?

А ютуб как качает? Без звука выше 720?

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Все это есть и под винду. Но под линуксом, конечно, жить со всем этим намного приятнее.

Качать можно в любом качестве. По умолчанию он сам выбирает стрим с лучшим видео и с лучшим звуком, а потом совмещает. Это выглядит так - он скачал звук формата 251 (opus @160k) и видео формата 247 (vp9 @960k) и совместил их в один файл. При этом качать можно, что угодно (все форматы на первом скрине).

Можно качать аккаунты и плейлисты целиком, а также записывать данные о скачанных видео в файл, чтобы уже загруженные не загружались заново.

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40 фпс? Не встречал такое, но 4k@60fps@HDR он качает легко. Еще умеет качать стримы со многих сайтов.

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Ну это заебись. Если еще и сам соединяет

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А можно какой-нибудь пример работы MechanicalSoup и BeautifulSoup на практике, чтоб понять стоит это изучать или нет.